If you see warning lights illuminated on your dashboard, you may require an engine diagnostics check to help identify potential problems with your vehicle.

With the wonders of modern technology any problems reported by your engine management are stored as a code on your vehicle’s engine control computer (ECU). The engine diagnostic check tests the ECU to scan all of the different systems to provide a list of any problems and error codes.

About Engine Diagnostics

Using the very best diagnostic tools in the motor industry, we can provide full engine diagnostics to quickly and easily pin point the cause of any problems with your vehicle.

We can also view live data with the engine running such as RPM, speed, sensor readings (including mass air flow sensors and oxygen sensor voltages, for example).

It is worth knowing that not all engine problems will show a warning light and an engine diagnostic can also flag up any problems you may have without being aware of it.

Once a fault has been found by our engine diagnostic systems we can pinpoint any problems and repair them for you.

Think South Coast Auto Solutions for engine diagnostics in Weymouth.