Full or part car servicing

Car servicing is one of the best preventative measures for any vehicle owner. For so many motorists, a car or van could be their pride and joy. It could be their tool of the trade. It may be the kids taxi. Even if it’s just for the school run or just to get to the shops, love your vehicle, treat it to a service.

Regular vehicle servicing will not only prolong the life of your vehicle and it’s engine, it will also prevent expensive repair costs in the future.

Vehicle servicing in Weymouth

We deliver professional vehicle servicing at our workshop in Weymouth to the same service schedules used by main dealerships. Our technicians employ the working practices, the parts and the lubricants recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle to ensure any existing warranties always remain intact.

Servicing generally takes place in several different forms, an oil and filter change, an interim service and a full or major service. The single most important thing that a person can do to prolong the life and performance of their car is to have an oil and filter change once a year or every six to twelve thousand miles.

By changing the oil you reduce the chance of wear on engine components. The oil filter needs to be changed at the same time because oil carries dirt and particles that clog up the filter which will ultimately reduce the life of the engine and its efficiency.

Our highly skilled service team will help keep your car or van in top condition and safe to drive, which could also help hold its resale value.

Benefits of regular vehicle servicing:

  • Saving you money and preventing untimely breakdowns
  • Increasing your miles per gallon
  • Increase your all round general vehicle safety
  • Keeping within legal requirements
  • Increase resale value